Severe Caning To Tears

Naughty girl whipped then CANED 80 strokes with a wickedly traditional Senior School Cane from Canes4Pain. She presents her bottom perfectly pushing upwards to meet each stroke and she struggles to maintain composure. Twenty lash whipping with the single tail, then 80 HARD strokes of the cane, you can hear the pain as she gasps through the impact of each fresh welt. At times she cries out reaching her limit as the heavy cane cuts into her juicy round bottom, tender flesh punished. The last 20 strokes put her over the edge, trembling as she begins to sob . CAUTION – SEVERE CANING ! The climatic conclusion of a lengthy discipline session (in previous clips she endures paddles, heavy straps, single tail whipping, and heavy flogging) Incredible series of genuine CORPORAL PUNISHMENT !

Severe Caning To Tears – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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