Missy Spanked By Aunt Clare - Full Scene (wmv, Hd)

Missy (the popular Missy Rhodes) is visiting her Aunt Clare (played by Clare Fonda) for the weekend. Aunt Clare has heard that Missy’ mom has started spanking her, even though she is a senior in high school. Missy arrives, wearing her short-shorts, and promising to be good while Aunt Clare lectures her and warns her that she, too, will spank Missy if she is out of line. As soon as Aunt Clare walks away, Missy hunts down a bottle of wine in the kitchen. Aunt Clare catches Missy and pulls out the spanking chair, explaining that she spanked her daughters and that is what Missy is in store for. This clip includes the set up and entire spanking. The spanking is over the knee on the spanking chair, and starts over the shorts, then the panties, then on the bare. Missy gets a very red bottom and in the end, stands in the corner and rubs her bottom, calling her friend Jade to explain what happened.

Missy Spanked By Aunt Clare – Full Scene (wmv, Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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