Naughty Secretary Disciplined By Boss & Husband - Full Movie

The Boss has had enough of repeated warnings and threatens her job until she comes up with a highly unusual discipline suggestion. Why don’t you spank my bare ass so I’ll learn my lesson ? Grudgingly he obliges , wasting no time in bending her over the desk for a hard spanking til her ass is crimson. Double Belt Whipping – Properly Whipped by Boss & Husband A very naughty secretary in danger of being fired , offers up an alternative discipline, €œ Why don€™t you spank my bottom to help me learn my lesson ?€ Happy to oblige, her boss bends her over the desk for a good dose of the belt. Heavy leather beats a steady rhythm on her bare bottom as she moans and writhes in pain. To both their surprise her husband barges into the office , demanding to know whats going on. He is outraged by her poor job performance and offers to help correct her behavior. The onslaught of two thick leather belts full force from alternating sides buckles her in pain. Ordered to stand still and take her punishment as the brutal belt whipping turns her ass crimson and purple. DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, SECRETARY SPANKING, OFFICE DISCIPLINE, SCOLDING, BELT WHIPPING,

Naughty Secretary Disciplined By Boss & Husband – Full Movie – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Slacking Off In College - Full Video

Brooke has been sent to The Spanking Court by her mother for slacking off in college. Brooke€™s mother works two jobs to help put her daughter through school (which is why she could not join Brooke in her hearing). Brooke€™s defense is weak and her attitude lackadaisical, therefore she is sentenced to 100 strokes with a wooden paddle which seem to have a lasting effect on Brooke since she passed probation. By the looks of her cute butt afterwards, we€™re sure it€™s a lesson she won€™t soon forget! This is the full video which includes Brooke€™s Court appearance and spanking scenes.

Slacking Off In College – Full Video – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Tracie Spanks Dylan (mp4)

Tracie has been looking for a reason to get back at her roommate Dylan for spanking her. When she catches Dylan borrowing her clothes without asking, she uses this opportunity to put her roommate over her knee and give her a sound spanking. All in the name of improving Dylan’s anger management issues.

Tracie Spanks Dylan (mp4) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Rattan Carpet Beater On Her Bare Bottom Gives Aleesha Fox A Pain In The Ass!

A big rattan carpet beater is Earl Grey€™s choice to punish Aleesha Fox€™s jiggling bare bottom in Au Pair in Trouble. No wonder she looks worried as she bends over the table to be soundly spanked 29 strokes for idleness. This will be burned into Aleesha€™s memory and booty! Ouch.

Rattan Carpet Beater On Her Bare Bottom Gives Aleesha Fox A Pain In The Ass! – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Punished By The Principal - Naughty Christy Strapped, Caned & Paddled


Although Christy was found receiving unauthorized discipline at the hands of her teacher, the Principal decides to make sure she learns her lesson with a proper punishment. Ordered to bend over the desk for the thick leather discipline strap, each blow makes her bottom jiggle and turn bright red. Crying out in pain as the swats fall fast and hard before being ordered to count the last 10. Her panties are lowered , adding to her humiliation as the Principal begins a painful caning on her bare bottom. The thick disciplinary cane cuts white hot welts into her tender skin as she cries in pain, finally ordering her to count the final dozen strokes. Finishing up her discipline with brutal swats from the Principal€™s two foot paddle.


Punished By The Principal – Naughty Christy Strapped, Caned & Paddled – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Boredom Strikes

Lorraine is tired of being grounded and decides to constantly interrupt and annoy Beverly as a means of revenge. But Beverly still has the upper hand plus a stingy wooden hairbrush and spanks the obnoxious brat until she calms down.
Lorraine may have distracted Beverly from concentrating on her art, but she’s suddenly inspired her big sister’s latest project – Derriere in Red.
with Lorraine and Beverly Bacci

Boredom Strikes – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Audrey Lin Short + Sam James Spanking

A petite, fair-skinned redhead gets her bare bottom scalded with a firm-handed OTK spanking, and a stunning brunette, clad in skintight, thin, shiny black pants gets spanked OTK AND paddled, both in this same video.
First and last, cute Sam James gets her white-skinned behind turned fiery red hot by hard-handed Tubaman over the knee.
Next, sultry Audrey Lin, clad in a very sexy black outfit that includes stretched-to-the-limit black pants (and no panties) is tossed over Tubaman’s knee for a long hand spanking. She is let up and put into the corner, where she miserably rubs her sore buns. Unfortunately, the punishment is not over.
Tubaman returns with a hard plywood paddle. He instructs Audrey to bend over for a 6-stroke paddling. The paddle slams onto the thin seat of Audrey’s pants over and over. Finally, the sting is so intense that she has to stand and rub her sore bottom, asking for a break. Tubaman insists, and she bends over for her last two swats.
Audrey is then sent back to the corner, where she continues to massage her burning behind.
The video ends with the second part of Sam’s spanking as she rubs her bottom and is sent to time out.
Two steaming beauties get a serious comeuppance in this hot new short from Spanking 101!

Audrey Lin Short + Sam James Spanking – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Personal Belongings

Lucy has returned home, but why is she creeping about? Headmaster Tom is sat in his office €“ the door is open, but she has removed her shoes, so she makes not a sound as she tip toes up the stairs.

Meanwhile, HM Tom is getting concerned, as she should have been home some time ago. So he rings her on her mobile phone €“ now he€™s puzzled, why is her phone ringing just outside his office?

The silly girl had dumped her heavy bag at the bottom of the stairs, with her phone ringing out persistently inside it.

He took the stairs two at a time and bursts into her room. She is kneeling on her bed, reading a magazine. She gives him a lovely smile and now she looks puzzled €“ why has he burst into her room like that?

After a bit of questioning, she admits that she came in through the back door as she had forgotten her key.

HM Tom is not stupid, he knows she is lying. Of course when he asks her to produce the key; she can€™t because she has lost it.

As this is the third key she€™s lost, he knows he has to teach her to take better care of her belongings.

He piles her blankets onto the bed and orders her to lie face down on top of them. Flipping up her skirt, he uses his belt on her beautiful shapely white knickered bottom. The stark whiteness contrasts with her red bottom showing through €“ due to a recent spanking.

She squirms about as the belt comes down hard on her already sore bottom. He shows no mercy to her, instead he tells her it€™s her own fault for constantly breaking the rules.

When he pulls her knickers down to her mid thighs, she tries to stop him, but her efforts are futile.

Eventually telling her that she should take the last few strokes of the belt without all the squirming about and it will be all over. But, if she still can€™t keep still, he€™s going to have to start the punishment from the beginning again.

Needless to say, she wriggles and squirms about so he leaves the room, telling her she can have a fifteen minute break then he€™ll be back to start the spanking again from scratch.

Rubbing her sore and tender bottom, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks €“ she awaits his return with fear and dread.

Personal Belongings – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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Paddled By The Principal ,naughty Teacher Disciplined - Paddled, Strapped & Caned


Mrs Campbell has been busted by the Principal when he burst into her office an caught her dishing out unauthorized CORPORAL PUNISHMENT to a sassy student. Deciding the best way to teach her the correct way to administer discipline is to bend her over the desk for a dose of her own medicine from the Principal, in front of a very amused and mischievous student ! Skirt up, no protection from her tiny thong , her ass is put through the paces after she retrieves the Principals Strap, Cane & Paddle for bottom blistering discipline as she fights to retain her composure. Soon she is crying out in pain, knees buckling , learning her lesson the hard way.


Paddled By The Principal ,naughty Teacher Disciplined – Paddled, Strapped & Caned – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Daddy's Credit Card - Lilia Caught Skipping School To Go Shopping

Lilia swipes daddy’s credit card for a day of shopping at the mall . skipping school with her friends. She thought she’d gotten away with it until walking into the kitchen to her angry daddy just off the phone with the principal. No stranger to discipline , she knows she is in for it BIG TIME ! Bent over the kitchen counter for a spanking with the wooden spoon, then daddy’s thick leather belt tans her hide. Ordered to the living room for a long over the knee paddling as her ass becomes red and swollen. Then over the back of the couch for the disciplinary strap. Finally draped over the arm of the couch with her feet barely touching the floor. Daddy’s heavy ruler and frat paddle beat her bottom til she is broken and sobbing, promising to never skip school again. SEVERE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT SCENE – STRAPPING, CANING, PADDLING


Daddy\’s Credit Card – Lilia Caught Skipping School To Go Shopping – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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