Katherine St James Has Her Bottom Bared For A No-nonsense Spanking

Katherine St James and Samantha Woodley star in the all-new Brotherly Love. Sam has moved in with Kat and her brother, who believes in strict discipline! Now its Kats turn to be put over his knee for a 224-smack spanking and 40 with a ping pong paddle for messing up his games room.

Katherine St James Has Her Bottom Bared For A No-nonsense Spanking – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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The Brutality Of The Spanking Games - Hardest Paddle Swats For 3 Tributes

Highlights from the Spanking Games, Hardest Swats with Frat Paddles. Three Tributes have their bare bottoms blistered with heavy paddle swats. Screaming and crying as they are paddled full force. Very little plot – 90 % action , if you are a fan of HEAVY FRAT PADDLING, Bruises , and crying girls, you will love this compilation. Beginning with Alexs evaluation – she takes the first set defiantly. Part way through the second paddle she concedes her defeat, sending Christy to take her place. Christy takes 40 full force swats with 2 giant paddles. Her bare bubble butt is swollen and bruised as she sobs through her cruel beating. Lilia is the final tribute, a lifelong spanko with a penchant for heavy paddling. She is laid over the exam table, bubblicious bottom thrust high in the air. The giant paddle explodes across her perfectly round bottom, flattening her cheeks. Jiggling and swelling as the swats punish with increasing severity. Her final paddle set reduces her to trembling tears as she passes the Paddle Evaluation with flying colors. She bravely holds position, pushing her voluptuous cheeks up and obediently counting each brutal impact. SEVERE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT filmed in HD approx 12 min. Dont miss the entire Spanking Games Series available on my Clips StoreBARE BOTTOM PADDLING, BRUISES, SPANKED TO TEARS, BUBBLE BUTT, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, SPANKING GAMES, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE

The Brutality Of The Spanking Games – Hardest Paddle Swats For 3 Tributes – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Spank Off - Christy And Alex Paddled To The Breaking Point (hd 720p)

Christy and Alex are perfectly matched in the spanking games evaluation. The final round will determine which of them will represent District 69 in the Spanking Games. This final round of evaluation will be paddle swats on the bare bottom until one of them gives up and concedes the victory to her fellow competitor. Side by side , panties lowered, elbows on the exam table, the paddling begins with a large round paddle drilled with blistering holes. Methodically delivered swats have both girls yelping and clenching their cheeks. Two brutal paddles to go that will leave them bruised and tearful. Who will give in first ? Severe Spanking to tears filmed in HD approx 12 minBARE BOTTOM SPANKING, SPANKED TO TEARS, BUBBLE BUTT SPANKING, REAL DISCIPLINE, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT

The Spank Off – Christy And Alex Paddled To The Breaking Point (hd 720p) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bubble Butt Beaten With Heavy Rubber Straps- Lilia Scores Big In Evaluation Bonus Round

BUBBLE BUTT BEATEN WITH RUBBER STRAPS- LILIA SCORES BIG IN EVALUATION BONUS ROUNDLilias Evaluation is almost over. She has endured lengthy spanking, strapping, and caning at the cruel hands of the Head SpankMaster. Her voluptuous ass is bruised and swollen from the extensive punishment, she knows she has scored very well in her evaluation. When she is offered the chance to for a bonus round of evaluation with RUBBER STRAPS , she grudgingly accepts the challenge. Face down, ass up high , legs spread for the unbearable sting of the rubber spanking strop. Rhythmic strokes fall across her ass and thighs, her entire body trembles as she cries with each impact. A Thick rubber baton collides with her shapely bottom, thudding with deep bruising impact as she begins to sob. The final rubber implement is a horrific 4 tailed strap , almost 2 feet long, delivered with a velocity that shakes her confidence as her ass is brutalized. At the end she is congratulated on her stamina and assured her evaluation score will be very favorable. In the immortal word of the Spanking Games My the swats fall ever in your favor BUBBLE BUTT SPANKING, REAL SPANKING, BARE BOTTOM SPANKING, SPANKED TO TEARS, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, RUBBER STRAPS, 44 BAILEY TAWSE, THE 1INCH NITRILE BOTTOM KILLER

Bubble Butt Beaten With Heavy Rubber Straps- Lilia Scores Big In Evaluation Bonus Round – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bubble Butt Strapping - Lilia's Ordeal With 3 Heavy Straps

Lilia bent over the exam table for evaluation with 3 heavy leather straps. Each once welts and marks her juicy bottom as she cries in pain, bravely taking the brutal strokes. By the end of her ordeal , her ass is painted crimson , bruises forming on her perfect bubble butt as she trembles and sobs non stop. Harsh Domestic Discipline filmed in HD , part 2/6 of Lilia’s SPanking Games Evaluation.

Bubble Butt Strapping – Lilia\’s Ordeal With 3 Heavy Straps – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bubble Butt Tribute From District 69: Lilia€™s Spanking Evaluation Hd

BUBBLE BUTT TRIBUTE FROM DISTRICT 69: Lilias Spanking EvaluationLilia sent to the Training Center for her evaluation. Her juicy bottom clad in clingy red gym shorts that outline her delicious curves, she is bent over the table for a hard spanking by hand. Soon she is pulled over the Drs lap for a long spanking with a thick leather paddle. Her shorts are pulled high up between her voluptuous cheeks, leaving her round bottom bared for the paddle. The thick leather cracks against her flesh with an inspired tempo, blushing deeper shades of red as her paddling intensifies. She bravely holds position, determined to prove that she belongs in the Spanking Games and can take anything the Head SpankMaster has in store for her.BUBBLE BUTT SPANKING, OTK PADDLING, SPANKED RED BOTTOMS, REAL SPANKING, REAL DISCIPLINE, SPANKING GAMES, LILIA

Bubble Butt Tribute From District 69: Lilias Spanking Evaluation Hd – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Tribute Caning - District 69 Six Dozen

The Tribute Caning – District 69Naughty Christy Everspank is ordered to lay face down on the exam table. Specially designed supports thrust her bottom high in the air for a parade of painful canes. Her panties are pulled down to her thighs and her legs restrained wit thick leather straps. The first cane whistles through the air, cutting into her bare flesh. Each successive cane is thicker and more painful than the last, SIX canes in all. After 6 dozen strokes , she sobs non stop, her bare bottom and thighs a mess of welts and bruises. The Head SpankMaster is impressed with her stamina, and expect her to score very highly in the evaluation. HARD Corporal Punishment filmed in HD approx 10 minCHRISTY CUTIE, BARE BOTTOM CANING, SPANKED TO TEARS, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, REAL DISCIPLINE, CANE WELTSMake sure not to miss The Final Round, Bare Bottom Paddling Exquisite punishment not to be missed as the final spank off between Alex and Christy for the honor of representing their district in the Spanking Games is finally decided.

The Tribute Caning – District 69 Six Dozen – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Defiant Christy Strapped And Bruised - Spanking Games Evaluation

DEFIANT CHRISTY STRAPPED AND BRUISED – Spanking Games EvaluationChristy is put through the paces, having survived a long painful spanking over the Head SpankMasters lap with his heavy hands and leather paddle. TIme for her strapping evaluation bent over the exam table, thin panties pulled tight up her bottom, exposed for the punishing leather. Three brutal straps welt and bruise her tender skin, each stroke forcing a fresh cry from her stubborn mouth. Intense licks from the Razor Strop begin to paint her ass purple, the impact rippling down each thigh as she fights to hold position. Crying and trembling , clenching her cheeks as the beating intensifies. He is determined to push her to the breaking point.STRAPPING, SPANKED TO TEARS, BUBBLE BUTT SPANKING, REAL DISCIPLINE, CHRISTY CUTIE, SPANKING GAMES, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINENumber 4 in a fantastic spanking fantasy1.THE SPANKING GAMES- REAPING DAY for Alex 2. The SPANKING GAMES – Alexs Evaluation HEAVY STRAPPING plus FACECAM3.The DEFIANCE OF CHRISTY EVERSPANK

Defiant Christy Strapped And Bruised – Spanking Games Evaluation – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Defiance Of Christy Everspank Hd 720p

THE DEFIANCE OF CHRISTY EVERSPANKChristy Everspank has volunteered as tribute for the Spanking Games to spare her best friend Alex. The Head SpankMaster orders her to the training center for evaluation, determined to choose the most resilient bottom for the Games by pushing her to the breaking point. Ordered over the exam table for a spanking, her shorts soon pulled down to reveal her blatant act of defiance. Her bright pink panties are emblazoned with the words NAUGHTY, NOT NICE to taunt the the authority of the Capital. Her rebellion shall not go unpunished. Her evaluation spanking will be longer and harder than the rest to see if she can be whipped into shape for the Games. A thick leather paddle beats a furious pace on her exposed bottom as she blushes crimson, crying out at the heaviest swats. Her rebellious panties earn her a sore and swollen bottom, every swat and cry caught on two high definition cameras for broadcast across the district. POV bottom and Face cam filmed in HD approx 15min CHRISTY CUTIE, OTK SPANKING, OTK PADDLING, SCOLDING, BRUISES, CRYING, FACE CAMERA , PANTIES, SPANKING GAMES, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT

The Defiance Of Christy Everspank Hd 720p – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

The Spanking Games- Reaping Day For Alex


Reaping Day has come again. All of District 69′s naughtiest girls have had their names’ placed in a raffle for the selection of this year’s Spanking Games Tribute. The Head-Spank-Maker reaches into the vat of papers…”Alex Reynolds” has been selected as District 69 Tribute; her plump juicy bottom now sentenced to an onslaught of brutal spankings. But out of the crowd, a hand shoots up, and District 69 is met with their first volunteer Tribute: Christy Everspank. This turn of events can mean only one thing…a spank-off! 
Alex and Christy are sent to the Head-Spank-Maker’s office to have their bare bottoms’ “evaluated”; this is the only way to decipher who can take the hardest spanking, as well as who will be the best Spanking Games Tribute for District 69. One by one Alex and Christy are ordered over the exam table, their fat bottoms prepared for punishment…they whimper and squeal as the paddles descend and the evaluation begins. Fan Fiction Spanking Fantasy filmed in HD

The Spanking Games- Reaping Day For Alex – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

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